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Relationship Matters: Stand For Marriage


Relationship Matters: Stand For Marriage

Nathan Droege

5 relationship priorities:

1)    relationship with God -
2)    relationship with your spouse -
3)    relationship with your children -

4)    relationship with one another -
5)    relationship with your neighbor -

Matthew 19:1-8 "From the beginning, it was not so..."

Genesis 2:18-25 - some "God-thoughts" about marriage:

Marriage is God's idea!

God believes in marriage!

Ephesians 5:22-33

God has a plan for marriage that works!

Marriage, by God's design, began with one man and one woman!

When we move God out of the picture, we have freedom to do with marriage whatever we choose!

When we take the Bible out of the picture, we can define marriage however we choose!

Genesis 2:18

God's first and primary purpose for marriage was for INTIMACY!

Intimacy means:  To know and to be known!

The value God placed on marriage:
most important relationship -
most permanent relationship -
most intimate relationship -

Ultimately, marriage breaks down for one of two reasons:

one or both of the individual's relationships with God breaks down

un-compromised selfishness in one or two of the individuals

Moses, because of the hardness of your hearts, permitted you to divorce your wives..." Matthew 19:8

Our first relationship priority should always be, our relationship with God, through Jesus Christ!

Right relationship with God will always lead to right relationship with others, especially in marriage!

With God's grace and power, His love and forgiveness, there are no possible "irreconcilable differences" that are not reconcilable!!!

What can we do to stand up for marriage?

We can pray that God will defend and honor marriage in our lives, in our church, in our nation!

We can pray for our Supreme Court Justices as they review arguments for/against "Biblical" definition of marriage.

We can support and pray for marriages around us; and we can be an example in our marriage!